Think back to a time when you stuck with a habit consistently for a while, but then stopped.

Why did you stop?

If you’re like me, it’s because there was no longer anyone holding me accountable to showing up. I had been working on a project where I had meetings at 9am or earlier each day. That meant I had to exercise, eat breakfast, shower, get dressed, and do everything else in my morning routine prior to the 9am deadline, so I had been consistently waking up around 6am.

Then, the project ended and I no longer had meetings at…

Your computer’s frozen. You try clicking around-nothing. The screen hasn’t responded for a full 5 minutes. What’s your first line of defense? Simply turn it off, and then turn it back on again. But of course! This simple yet somehow extremely effective trick is tech support 101.

So, why wouldn’t the same treatment work for people? In a sense, aren’t our brains kind of like computers?

If you’re curious why rebooting a computer is so effective, it helps to understand what’s going on under the hood. Usually, the reason you see a spinning wheel of death or an unresponsive screen…

The best way to show someone how much you care about their goals is to hold them accountable.

The best way to show someone how much you care about their goals is to hold them accountable.

According to Adam Grant, psychologist and professor at the Wharton School, great leaders show tough love by setting high standards and maintaining strong relationships with their teams. Similarly, children have better well-being and academic success when their parents set high standards for their behavior.

If tough love is a key ingredient in supporting others, why is it so rare to come across? …

As an entrepreneur, I love the idea of planning on Sundays for the week ahead (Success Bully's Keita Williams calls them CEO Sundays). It helps me combat the Sunday Scaries because I know what's ahead of me - ignorance is NOT bliss when it comes to running a business! Fantastic ideas in this article.

On my recent coaching calls, I’ve been noticing a trend among my clients: business owners who KNOW deep down what they need to do, but hire me to help them actually act on it. It made me wonder: why is it so easy for us to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone, but so difficult to actually do it ourselves?

A lot of time we tell ourselves that we don’t know the answer. …

So you want to wake up early, huh?

Maybe you’ve heard about the habits of highly successful people and got inspired to start setting your alarm bright and early. Perhaps you love the idea of having leisurely, quiet time to yourself in the morning so you don’t start the day off in a panicked hurry. You’ve heard that the early bird gets the worm, and maybe now it’s time you see for yourself if that’s true.

It’s one thing to WANT to get up early. It’s another to actually do it.

For those folks who struggle to get out of…

You’re communicating with someone via text message or email. It’s going well and then, suddenly, they don’t respond to your question. An hour goes by. Then a day. Then several days. You send another message. Still no reply.

You just got ghosted.

Ghosting is when a person cuts off communication with no warning or explanation. They just don’t respond. They disappear.

Ghosts don’t only exist in horror movies anymore. They haunt nearly type of relationship: personal, romantic, and even professional.

Two female friends with arms wrapped around each other looking out at a field of flowers

When I registered for courses on health behavior in grad school, I thought I’d be learning about how to help people choose superfoods for longevity or how to encourage the public to get more physical activity. To my disappointment, I learned that educating people about health and telling the public to do certain actions in fact has a very limited ability to affect their health status and behavior.

So what does affect health, if information alone doesn’t typically drive behavior? In my studies, a major theme emerged:

Social factors (including social support) profoundly affect health outcomes and well-being.

It sounds…

For introverts, going an extended period without any human contact can bring you down. For an extrovert, even a few hours without speaking to anyone or being around people can feel draining.

Everyone can experience loneliness sometimes. And feeling lonely isn’t limited to people living in isolation, although that’s very common. People who are surrounded by others (in person or virtually on social media) can even feel lonely if they don’t have anyone to connect with and relate to.

It can be painful because, after all, humans are social beings. We crave social interaction.

Ever since moving to Seattle, I’ve been dreading the rainy and very dark, grey season. I moved here from Philadelphia, and although I can contest that it’s not in fact “always sunny in Philadelphia”, it sure doesn’t have Seattle’s reputation for rain and greyness.

I know that being at a higher latitude means that Seattle days are also shorter in the winter. On the shortest day of the year, the sun rises minutes before 8:00 a.m., setting at 4:20 p.m. …

Brigitte Granger

Founder/CEO of Supporti, the accountability partner app

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